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Paper mache skulls


Discover the Mexican tradition around the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead.
Provide space for intercultural rapprochement around the subject of death.
Making decorations for a Day of the Dead “altar” *

Groupe d’âge

À partir de 12 ans


The workshop begins by lighting resin from copal if possible. Subsequently, an explanation of the tradition of Days of the Dead in Mexico is given with its traditional, historical and decorative elements of the altar. We will talk about indigenous and Christian elements and its contemporary significance. Participants will create a papier-mâché skull to decorate in the traditional Mexican way. They will also make paper flowers.

Presentation of the facilitators and the activity
Exhibition on the Day of the Dead
Dialogue between the participants
Creation of the elements and dialogue

Materials (provided): Kraft paper, newspaper, crepe paper, starch glue, paint, pins, brushes, containers .

Competences Developees
Pensée critique
Enrichissement de connaissance
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