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Dia de muertos

The “Dia de muertos NDG” (Day of the Dead) event is a celebration that we organize in November annually in collaboration with community partners and Montrealers of Mexican origin residing in Montreal.

Les éditions du Festival Dia de muertos
What are we doing there?

In a festive atmosphere, the participants are invited on the first days of November to take part in the festivities: decoration of traditional altars, presentation of artisanal creations, Mexican musical entertainment and tasting of Pan de Muerto.

Altars locations vary from year to year, so stay tuned for this year’s locations.


What is Dia de Muertos in Mexico?

The Day of the Dead, or “Dia de Muertos” in Spanish, is an event of great importance in Mexico. This festival takes place annually on November 1 and 2. While most Western cultures view death as a tragic event, Mexicans view death as a natural and necessary biological phenomenon. This festival, which takes place at the beginning of November as the end of the annual corn cycle takes place, is an analogy of the end of the life cycle. The Day of the Dead is an occasion for Mexicans to reunite with family and to celebrate the lives of their deceased loved ones.

Altars for the dead are installed in homes and cemeteries to commemorate deceased individuals. Photographs and personal items of the deceased are placed there as well as his favorite foods and drinks. To complete the decoration, individuals display the altars of lighted candles, cempasuchil flowers, or Indian roses, incense, sugar skulls and Pan de Muerto or “death’s bread”. The Day of the Dead is a festive event where members of the community come together to eat, dance and honor their dead.

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