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Day of the Dead

Our Dia de Muertos Workshops

The most famous festival in Mexico is the Feast or Day of the Dead. During the 1st and 2nd of November we remember our loved ones and all those who left the world, and according to belief, come to visit us. To pamper them, an altar of the dead is prepared with typical Mexican dishes and drinks, candles, flowers, souvenirs related to the deceased and colorful ornaments such as papel picado, skulls or small skeletons.

During the workshops, participants interact with each other to discover the similarities between their different traditions in order to honor their deceased. This dialogue can be a source of mutual understanding and in the long run can help preserve peace and harmony in a multi-ethnic society like Montreal.

PAAL Partageons le monde is an organization that works in raising awareness of cultural diversity to help inclusion and social cohesion, by creating places of exchange through intercultural mediation, through artistic and cultural activities.

We offer activities for children and families, teenagers as well as for adults.

Find out more about the activities in this Workshop:

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