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We aim to facilitate the active participation of citizens in cultural life through a range of creative, educational and dynamic activities.

We have conducted workshops at the festivals:

  • TOHU
  • Village au-Pied-du-Courant
  • Imagine Monkland
  • Petits bonheurs
  • Dimanches-familles du Musée Pointe-à-Callière
  • Festival Traditions du monde de Sherbrooke
  • Fiesta de cultures à St-Rémi
  • Festival FIER de Repentigny

We also participated in the artistic events:

  • Nul p’art ailleurs of the Artistic Diversity of Montreal
  • The inauguration of Frederic Back Park
  • ATSA’s Kitchen Your City

All our workshops are led by professionals in inter-cultural mediation. We provide all the necessary materials and can adapt the workshops to your specific needs.

(collaboration with the Kanienkehaka Traditional Council) 
  • Sujets possibles pour les ateliers : The Great Peace, Corn Puppies, Haudenosaunee
  • Materials, 1 Traditional Council member, 1 English/French translator, 1 facilitator, 90 minutes
  • $700 + travel expenses after 10km from downtown Montreal
  • Possible topics for workshops: Piñata, Lucha Libre, Ojo de Dios
  • Equipment and 2 facilitators, 60 minutes, continuous workshop
  • $500 + travel expenses after 10km from downtown Montreal

Here are some workshops that you can develop for your event. Call us and let’s review the PAAL catalogue together to adapt it to your needs.

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To contact us
+1 514 657 3340

For more information, write to us here and we will get back to you shortly

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    COVID-19 Measures ⚠️

    Our organization has created an envelope system containing materials and instructions for each child. The virtual activity is accompanied by how-to videos or a link to follow the activity live, allowing the activity to be done with a computer or tablet.

    Our on-site workshops follow specific guidelines for the education community (COVID-19), such as wearing personal protective equipment at all times, and disinfecting materials and work surfaces.

    The PAAL Program

    The PAAL program complements the Quebec teaching model since it is part of the Integration and Intercultural Education Policy, enacted in 1998 by the Quebec government. PAAL’s workshops contribute to the education of democratic citizenship, as offered by this policy, by enabling students to enrich their intercultural communication skills. Our activities are also in line with the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s support program for the reception and integration of immigrant students. The goal is to help young immigrants integrate into the Quebec society.


    Artistic activities that raise awareness of cultural diversity.

    Your donation make our free activities possible

    Help us break down cultural barriers!

    We need your support in order to accomplish our mission of educating and sensitizing the members of different Montreal communities, and to raise awareness about cultural diversity with hopes to put an end to racism.


    Charitable registration number 72939 6697 RR 0001 / Quebec registration number 1172428204