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Les enseignements Kanienkehaka

À travers notre partenariat avec Le Conseil Traditionnel Mohawk, nous offrons une série d’ateliers portant sur la culture Kanienkehaka (Mohawk). Ces ateliers ont pour objectif d’enrichir les connaissances culturelles de l’enfant par rapport aux traditions des peuples autochtones, favorisant ainsi le processus de réconciliation.

The Confederation of Five Nations

Wisk nihonsake (Haudenosaunee)
The symbol of peace

Once upon a time, there were five brothers who did not live in peace. One day, they decided to resolve their battles in order to protect their children. This is the story of the Five Nations known as the “Iroquoians.”

During the activity, participants will learn the native names of these Five Nations: The Senecas, Cayugas, Oneidas, Onondagas and finally Kanienkehakas, named after Mohawks. Using a sheet of paper, duct tape, a lot of listening and observation, the participants will learn how to make the symbol that characterizes the Haudenosaunee nations.

What are we doing there?
  • Learning the history of the Five Nations and their cultural narratives.
  • Crafting the flag representing the five nations.
Skills Developed
Critical thinking
Knowledge Enrichment
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Outre Ateliers Scolaire

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