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( Video currently only available in French)

“The Thread of Memory” is a project of intercultural and intergenerational mediation which leads to a reflection on the memories, family stories and the identity of the artist-photographer Adriana Garcia Cruz and the residents of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce in Montreal.

Intercultural mediator: Rafael Benitez

Curator: Mariza Gonzaga

I really like the words that give meaning to life

This mask represents for me the gateway to Canada

This bowl represents for me a simple and good life

When I dance I feel proud of myself and my Mexican culture

Associating memories of my mother with something beautiful… It helps me open my heart to all the beautiful values she gave me

When I see her, it makes me think of my father, of my family, of all the migratory journeys of my family, of my ancestors

This little figurine is like a companion during my moments of great reflection on life and death

My family is not aware of the existence of this book, and even less of what it represents for me

It connects me emotionally with my grandmother and with our moments shared together

Through a series of meetings during the spring of 2020, the artist Adriana Garcia Cruz and the residents of NDG created images and reflections around personal items that were on display at the Exhibition Hall of the Cultural Center of Notre-Dame-de-Grâce from February to April 2021.

Project funded under the Agreement on the Cultural Development of Montreal between the City of Montréal and the Government of Quebec.

If you want to collaborate with us in a cultural mediation project as an artist or as a participant write to us at info@paalmtl.org 

( Content below currently only available in French)

( Video currently only available in French)

Skills Developed


Help us break down cultural barriers!

We need your support in order to accomplish our mission of educating and sensibilizing the members of different Montreal communities, and to raise awareness about cultural diversity with hopes to put an end to racism.