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Developing Intercultural Competences In Children

As parents, we can help our children to learn more about each other, to be respectful in different ways than ours, and to marvel at diversity.

While we are watching TV with our children, we may ask them questions like:

  • What is different from us?
  • What are the elements that are similar to us?

We share with you our favorite cartoons and movies. Stay tuned for new additions and leave us a comment.

Documents and texts to know more about inclusion, schools and children:

(Some of these resources are only available in French)

My very first Chilpalivre is here!

16 pages of activities, 10 themes and a panoply of customs and traditions to discover about Mexican culture.

The Aztecs, Mayans, Wixárica (also falsely called “huicholes”), Chontales, Otomíes and other peoples and cultures are all present in the Chilpalivre to share their traditions with you!

A coloring book and activities not to be missed!

Cartoons 4 -10 years

Children who live in a circus are the pretext for learning about cities around the world


Two friends are cycling around the world!


Two cats travel all over the planet

Films for children, available in Montreal libraries

Kirikou et les Bêtes Sauvages


Kirikou et la sorcière


Kirikou Et Les Hommes Et Les Femmes


Prices et princesses
Incredible tales to make you dream (In French)


Azur et Asmar
Two children who grow up together and that life separates them #immigration #prejudices (In French)


Dilili à Paris
A story to talk about colonialism, racism and equality (In French)


Diversity And Inclusion

We share with you small capsules to learn more about diversity and inclusion.

Télé-Québec en Classe

(Only available in French)

Le racisme systémique


La diversité


Les biais inconscients

Developing Intercultural Competences Within Ourselves

Intercultural skills develop through practice, just like the body when we want to get in shape. We invite you to dive in and question yourself. We can learn about each other, to be respectful of different ways of thinking and acting, and to marvel at diversity.

We can ask ourselves questions like:

  • What is different from me, from my perceptions?
  • Do I feel any discomfort? What is the origin of this discomfort

We share our discoveries with you to inspire you and thus grow together as humans.


Tshishe Mishtikuashisht – Le petit grand européen
(In French) Documentary on Johan Beetz, a Belgian aristocrat who one day decided to land on the North Shore, the European fell in love with the region and remained there the rest of his life.


Je m’appelle humain
(In French) Innu poet Joséphine Bacon shows us the places that have marked her past.


(In French) Through drama workshops and theatrical productions, teenagers newly arrived in Montreal share the story of their migration and integration. They speak of their journey with disconcerting wisdom.


Briser le code
(In French) Briser le code is a documentary that aims to make the majority of Quebecers aware that in 2019 there is still a code to follow for racialized and Indigenous people.


Our inspirations

Here are the organizations and people from here and elsewhere who inspire us in our work.

We hope they inspire you too.


Glossaire (In French)


Artistic activities that raise awareness of cultural diversity.

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Help us break down cultural barriers!

We need your support in order to accomplish our mission of educating and sensitizing the members of different Montreal communities, and to raise awareness about cultural diversity with hopes to put an end to racism.


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