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Tau, the father sun

The birth of the sun

The Wixárika people, an indigenous people living in Mexico, have a culture rich in stories and legends. These have an important and fundamental value: to protect the earth.

The tale of Tau the sun Father is a story which tells the birth of the sun and which speaks of a cooperation between the animals.


What are we doing there?
  • Participants listen to the tale of Tau
  • Creation of their own “Ojo de Dios” (Eyes of God), an artisanal piece of wool specific to the Wixárika people.
Developed skills
Mutual aid
Creativity and art

Help us break down cultural barriers!

We need your support in order to accomplish our mission of educating and sensibilizing the members of different Montreal communities, and to raise awareness about cultural diversity with hopes to put an end to racism.