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The Invisible String

( Currently only available in French )

The project “The Invisible String of the Violin” is a collaborative and empirical research where the parties involved collectively discover traditional Quebec music using the traditional mariachi of the Jalisco, a string instrument whose music triggers the desire to hit the ground with your feet and start dancing.

Jalisco’s traditional mariachi and traditional Quebec music have long used the violin as an instrument that invites dancing. Together, we want to build a bridge between the two cultures to demonstrate that there are several cultural practices that unite us. For the occasion of the Day of the Dead celebration in November 2019, musical groups (Quebecois and Mexican) made the participants dance in a festive and enriching atmosphere.

The invisible string showed how it connects the minds of the participants causing hearts to warm and feet to move when played in an intuitive way. This is what we refer to as “The Invisible String of the Violin.”

( Currently only available in French )

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