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The Kanienkehaka Teachings

In our partnership with The Mohawk Traditional Council, we offer a series of workshops focusing on Kanienkehaka (Mohawk) culture. These workshops aim to enrich the cultural knowledge of children with regard to the traditions of indigenous peoples, thus promoting the process of reconciliation.


Honouring His Words

Before the colonizers arrived, the Kanien’kehaka did not need writing or papers in order to share disseminate their words. A commitment was made to memorize and share verbally and this tradition was quite simply honoured. In a world like today, the concept of honouring and respecting one’s word can be difficult. However, integrity, an essential value for life, is developed by respecting and honouring our words.

In order to represent the importance given to words and the commitment to keep them, the Kanien’keha Ka use the wampum belt during ceremonies to remember our words or promises made.


What are we doing there?
  • Sharing the story and explaning the meaning of Wampum
  • Making a Wampum
Skills Developed
Critical thinking
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